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Cuvée Cuvée La Belle Gabrielle

Origin and Blend

Selected vineyard areas
80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir
10 to 15% comes from ‘reserve’ wines which are aged in oak barrels, and the blend is put together from selected tanks
Hand harvested with strict grape selection.


10 g/l Brut. The ‘licquor’ is aged in oak barrels


Ageing ‘sur lattes’ for 5 years minimum

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Cuvée La Belle Gabrielle
Cuvée Cuvée La Belle Gabrielle

Tasting Notes

A Chardonnay-dominant style, La Belle Gabrielle brings together elegance, richness and finesse. On the nose the notes are typical of Pinot Noir, which brings an incredible complexity and hints of dried fruits. However, in the mouth the taste is surprising in its power, vibrancy and length, with noisette and spice characters, apricots and currants, with a long rich finish.

Serving advice

Serve at 10C, giving the champagne some air will bring out its full character. A perfect match with cheese, especially parmesan, and foie gras.

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